Whether for business or pleasure, travel can be relaxing, fun and adventurous – or exhausting, frustrating, and boring. Your experience can depend on many factors, some of them can be helped and controlled.

You can control – or at least minimise – many of the inevitable inconveniences with some advance preparation and the right equipment!

Phone dying or laptop battery fading? Our Power Banks can come to the rescue! Can’t stand your teenage daughter taste of music? Why not give her a pair of headphones? Travelling abroad? Don’t forget the travel adaptors or bulk USB chargers!

You get the picture – there are products out there that will solve most travel problems with a minimal investment. You can be organised, comfortable, and ready to hit the ground running when you arrive at your destination!

Check out our list – you might just find something to eliminate those travel headaches:


Branded Travelling Car Kit

A branded kit of travelling gadgets! Keep your mobile devices charged and mounted in the car. Plus, use a powerful LED torch for when you stop at night.

A car charger plugs into your cigarette lighter to charge all types of mobile devices via USB. It has two USB ports and output of 2.1A to charge simultaneously two devices. A universal phone car holder comes in two versions: plastic that simply clips into your car air vents or chrome metal alloy with powerful magnets to stick to the dashboard and ensures a firm hold on your mobile phone.


Power Bank

This often life saving device is one of the must haves for the holiday season! Whether you are travelling round the globe, camping, or going to festival- power bank can help you stay in touch with loved ones, send photos, updates, emails etc.

This carabiner power bank has a black painted surface with an attractive rubber feel and a rather special mirror finish engraved logo.



As the family holiday season approaches and we go away with our cherubs, it could be a good idea to get them a pair of headphones. When travelling in the car or staying in same hotel room, we may want to listen to different music, watch other films online or just get some privacy whilst talking on the phone. Of course, with so many options available, it’s tough to know what to choose!

Partridge Peartree recommends this folding pair with padded over-ear ear cups, which gives a clearer sound and less ambient noise. They can be used on smartphones, tablets and all the other music players with a 3.5mm audio jack.


Travel Adaptor

How many times did you pack your mobile phone charger or hairdryer only to realise that you can’t use them whilst you are abroad? Wrong plug equals no charge! Travel adaptors are hence vital when you travel abroad! This Travel Adaptor with a single USB charging is available in either white or black and makes the ideal companion for any traveler! It is compatible in over 150 different worldwide countries.


Mobile device adaptor

This multi device charging cable is ideal when on the go! You can devise you own fully custom mould for this mobile device charging adaptor cable. It is ideal for smartphones and most portable gadgets since it has a iPhone 5/6 Lightning cable, iPhone 4 30-Pin cable, Micro-USB cable & USB cable. One of our top selling travel accessories.