Why a branded plastic card shield is an ideal promotional product.

With lots of RFID products out there it is important to look into the effectiveness of the solutions on offer. The truly ethical RFID shielding providers usually hold patents in the technology, thus offering Promo Distributors, and their clients, Freedom to Trade free from Patent infringement.

An RFID contactless card shield can take many forms such as a pure giveaway card at events/mailshot, marketing/messaging tool, a membership card, a hotel room key or as a Business Card be seen every day and not thrown away or placed in a dark drawer or holder.

The use of an RFID shielding card helps to reduce personal data theft, double charging and accidental payment.

Offering your clients a truly useful and needed added benefit to the clients they wish to attract or retain and also capturing the front of wallet positioning.

Emotional pull and educational

With the rise of accidental payment and crime for contactless theft your client will not only thank you for this product, you will also hit the emotional trigger within your client and your brand will not be forgotten and seen every time they open their wallet or purse.

This will protect them from Accidental Payment and skimming.

One of the apps available to criminals is Free to load using Android App stores which reads contactless credit card from close range, however, this is not the only method and criminals have become sophisticated quickly and for not too much cost.

You are educating your client and helping them help their customers, now is the time to reach your customers with this promotional product!