In this weeks blog post we want to focus on the new advert for the World Cup from the BBC.  The advert was created by Edward Usher and Xander Hart from the BBC Creative team. They created a tapestry which included many of the famous moments from World Cup history from Bobby Moore in 1966, Maradona, Zidane’s header and many more. 

To accompany the tapestry they made a film. This was also embroidered. They went about this by first animating the advert on computer software. Then they created an embroidery file for each individual frame of the animation the photographed each embroidery to create the animation which looks amazing. I think it probably the most creative advert for a World Cup I have ever seen.

Not only is the animation and quality high standard but the colours used and the music is fantastic. A real gem of an advert that really works well.

It also highlights the original use of a standard process such as embroidery and how it can be brought into the  21st century with a refreshing take.