Recently we produced coin display cards and plastic tokens for Calastone. The worlds largest global funds transaction network. They are a high profile client and we needed to deliver high quality and deliver on time which we did, of course.

They had an interesting take on the coin card. They were using it as a tool to direct customers to them while they are attending the Computer Aid trade show. The purpose of the card is to give prospective customers incentive to visit their stand. So, for each person who visits with a token, Calastone will donate £5 on their behalf.

We thought this was a very clever use of the product. A new idea and avenue of applications seemed to open itself. We think that this would be a great idea to promote and build upon. Using the product to donate to charities is a great idea. We have seen a few versions of this is banks and other businesses where the customers are given a choice of charity by voting with tokens.

The thought that the token can be used as a device to bring customers directly to you and be used as an ice breaker when attending trade shows is a great idea.  Having this element in place would make the exchange between client and customer a lot easier and would give the customer more confidence that they were dealing with a reputable and professional organisation. This assurance could lead to a higher conversion rate of orders as the trust between client and business is already there. And also, the fact that charities are benefiting from this is also fantastic as donated funds are crucial for charities.

Have a look at the card and tokens below and if this interests you then let us know by getting in touch.