Coleraine High School Commemorative Coin

In 2016 we were asked by Coleraine High School to create a commemorative coin and display card for their school. The reason for this was that the Coleraine High girls’ school was merging with the Coleraine Inst, a boys school. As both schools were closing they wanted to commemorate the schools history and current students with a commemorative coin to mark their time at the school.

Each card had a generic design dictating the history of the school from its founders to the present day members. The school also wanted to give each girl their own card that was personal to them. The coins were finished with antique silver and had the school crest on the front and the school years and commemorative details on the back side.

We made a set of cards for each school year. We suggested the 6 page display card as this allowed more space to include all the text and images that the school had in mind. The names of the students and teachers from each year and also included was a photograph of each year group so that the names on the cards matched the images.

The entire school were very pleased with the finished products and it gave the last students and staff of the school a great commemorative gift to take away with them to remember and cherish their time at the school before moving on to the new school.